Fifth Anniversary of Becoming a Hayes

Though I share a lot about myself here, I don’t share a lot of my life in general. This, however, I thought was pretty important to share. Corey and I are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary today! Without him, I wouldn’t even be a Hayes, making the name of this blog defunct. Besides that, I wouldn’t have my better half, my #1 Disney buddy, the guy who makes me smile every day. Most of all, the man who I am thankful every day for making me feel like I’m special. I have a few wedding pictures to share with you all today. It was so hard to pick just a few! If you live in the South, definitely consider Abra Michelle Photography  to photograph your special occasion. She and her husband are an amazing team. I treasure every picture I have of this amazing day. Enjoy!

top left :: My best friend was in Chile on my wedding day, but my mom met up with her secretly and she left wrote me a message on my boots so she could still be with me.
top right:: I have never been so pampered in my life
bottom:: the boys

left to right:: the excitement, the first look, and let’s go

top left:: me and my dad bottom left:: my family in laws (and my littlest BIL at 5)
right:: getting ready to greet guests at the receiving line as a married couple

top:: the entire family
middle:: my in laws, Hayes family
bottom:: my parents, the Green family

top:: me and my girls, my eldest maternal cousin and my sister
middle:: the bridal party
bottom:: our boots, one of my favorites

seriously, I have never felt prettier or more like a princess! (except at Disney but that’s expected)

the beautiful barn our reception was in, the cup given to me when Corey proposed, and our wedding cake made by my mother

the custom stamp my mom made, the groom’s cake my mom made, and our favors… once again made by my mom

the dancing:: (from left to right, top to bottom) our first dance, my father and sister, me and my sister, and me and my Pops (my dad’s dad)

cutting the cake, the hay rides, and saying goodbye

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  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing these photos! You all look so so great, and I love how well you pulled off orange as a wedding color (that's like unheard of, right?)!! Gorgeous photos and a great blogger friend! Congrats on the 5 years to you both!