Fall Capsule Outfits 33-37 :: Final Thoughts

Good morning! Welcome back to the fall capsule final documented outfits. I ended up taking last week off. That was unexpected and not planned, but a great break none the less. What made it even better is that we were in Disney World for five out of the seven days. Catch up with our adventures on IG if you’re interested. Before the last five outfits, see the initial items here, outfits 25-32outfits 18-24, and 1-17 (that post links to 3, 11, 12, and 13 which were separate posts). Here are the last five outfits I documented and some observations::

jacket:: GAP (similar)
tee:: GAP
jeans:: Old Navy
booties:: Sam Edelman (same this year)

This outfit was worn more than just once. Easy, peasy, throw it on and go. Fortunately this is office appropriate for me too.

scarf:: Merona
popover:: J.Crew (similar)
dress:: Madewell (similar)
leggings:: Aerie
booties:: Sam Edelman (same this year)

It’s hard to tell that I’m wearing the popover because of the scarf, but it was cold and this worked. I kinda like how the stripes and scarf look together too.

sweater:: Lands End Canvas (similar)
top:: J.Crew (factory version)
pants:: J.Crew
shoes:: Madewell

Let’s not talk about this outfit. I think you can tell how badly I felt by how badly I look in this outfit. I wish I had looked at these photos before I left the house. Oy. Moving on…

necklace:: J.Crew (for a steal)
sweater:: J.Crew
belt:: Vintage (similar)
dress (as a skirt):: Madewell (similar)
tights:: GAP (similar)
booties:: Sam Edelman (same this year)

My least favorite outfit was followed by one of my top three outfits of the entire capsule. Going home and resting for the rest of the prior day made me feel better and try this. I loved it too. This outfit makes me want to keep out one of my white dresses for the winter capsule. Time will tell.

necklace:: J.Crew (similar)
vest:: J.Crew
sweater:: J.Crew
jeans:: Old Navy
booties:: Sam Edelman (same this year)

Another simple get dressed and go outfit. My love for the cognac booties continues to grow day by day. They’re just perfect! Also I realized all the hype behind the excursion vest. Love it too.

I’ve showcased 37 outfits (there were at least four more that didn’t get documented) and if the weather was going to stay a little more temperate I could easily keep going with the items I picked because I didn’t even wear all of the original 35 items I picked. There were some items that were subbed out and sold along the way, but I could keep going with the 32-ish items seen in the series of posts.

The most popular item hands down was the burgundy jeans. Those were worn seven times. The black ones were probably high on the list too since I wore them in a lot of undocumented casual outfits. I’m so glad I went back to Old Navy and got those. They’re so comfortable and the color is perfect. Second most popular item was my chambray popover– definitely not surprised at that one. Worn four times throughout the entirety of the capsule. There were several items worn three times so third place would be a ten way tie or something like that.

My top five favorites were 36 (above), outfit 30 (here), outfit 12 (here), outfit 17 and 2 (here)

Many of these items will be carried over to the winter capsule, which I plan to debut next Monday on the blog. Also I’m debating including cardigans. Not vests and jackets, but just cardigans. What do you think? What outfits were your favorites? Let me know!

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  1. So many cute, every day outfits Meghan. Days 33. 36 & 37 are my favorites. Yess for doing such a long remix/capsule challenge and staying so focused for it, putting together very stylish outfits! Well done, my friend.

    Welcome by sometimes.

    Happy Monday. Ada! =)

  2. I also really like the white and navy combo.

    You're really, really good at mixing and matching. All of these outfits are so unique from one another that you hardly notice all of the repeating. Serious talent right there!!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. Great looks! The burgundy jeans are so versatile! Hope you had a wonderful trip!


  4. The last outfit was easy and quick. I was ready to go in no time flat, but the navy and white. That's the outfit I'm most proud of. Sometimes everything just fits and proportion works well. I was crazy in love with that outfit.

  5. Thanks Katy! I gotta get rid of the items that are just bleh on me. There's no reason why #36 can't happen every day.

  6. These are all so great! Especially love 33 (the perfect uniform) and 36 (so simple yet such a cute change-up from the norm).

    And how did I not see your outfits earlier?! We had a lot of overlapping/similar items in our capsules it seems, and I totally should have been copying you all along, because these are great 🙂

  7. Outfit 36 is SO CUTE! I love how happy and lovely you look in it! And I just finally got a pair of maroon jeans that I cannot wait to wear. You wore the crap out of yours in your capsule, so I'll be looking to you for inspiration 🙂

  8. Thanks Brynn! I think it was every one's capsule favorite. Probably unanimously. Make sure you check out Anne's capsule too because she's the one that inspired me to get burgundy jeans. I loved how versatile they were and slightly different from my normal.

  9. Definitely! I will certainly be looking to Anne as well – she does such a great job of styling her maroon jeans (and basically all her clothes, really…) 🙂