Fall Capsule Catch Up:: Outfits 18-24

I don’t know about y’all, but for some reason, stepping away from the blog for a few days makes me so ready to get back to it! Thank you all for the sweet anniversary wishes as well!

You’ve seen outfits 17 and 25 in the capsule, so here’s the outfits in between.

fall capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.com

fall capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.comfall capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.com
fall capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.com
fall capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.comfall capsule wardrobe ideas :: www.hayesdays.com
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Outfit 18:: (dress::similar cardigan::similar flats) I never want to give this dress up! I’m so excited to still have it in my fall capsule. This isn’t the first time it’s been seen with leopard, but it is the first time with mustard. It was one of those unseasonably warm fall days and this worked well.
Outfit 19:: (top::jeans::flats) There are times when simple is the way to go. The top has also become one of my favorites. It’s taking a lot of will power not to wear it every day.
Outfit 20:: (dress::cardigan::flats) It’s easy to understand why Target brought this beauty back again this year. This dress is sublime. It fits so well. I’ve had no issues with the invisible zipper, which is rare for less expensive clothing. The cream of the crop is that it has pockets. This year’s is just as nice too.
Outfit 21:: (top::cardigan::pants::shoes) This top is one that I purchased mid-capsule and decided to add it. I know the “rules” of a capsule are no shopping during it, but I’m not going to restrict myself like that. What I have been doing is if I add something, I take an item out and it has to be sold. No excuses of packing it away.
Outfit 22:: (scarf::vest::top::pants::similar flats) So… there are a few too many patterns going on here if we’re going to be realistic about this BUT I do love the scarf and gingham together. My black booties might have worked better in this situation, but it was a weirdly warm day– again.
Outfit 23:: (tee::cardigan::jeans::flats) Simple and casual is how I would describe this. In fact I’ve worn it twice since I have been in capsule. This is my least favorite picture, but has most of the elements to make it my favorite outfit. I love these jeans, the tee, and the cardigan. 
Outfit 24:: (scarf::dress::cardigan::leggings::similar boots) Told you I LOVE this dress. I apologize for the scenery change in the picture, but this particular outfit will be featured later on a collaboration post at Life Could Be a Dream, so you’ll just have to keep an eye out for it there!
Out of these, which one is your favorite?

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  1. Love these all, of course. I need new flats that are comfy, since hurting my back, heels irritate it even more. Care to suggest a brand or pair? Something easy for daily wear, I'm thinking leopard or navy in color? But would be open to suggestions. 🙂

  2. #18 and #24 are my favorites, but I think if I had to pick just one it would be #24. Plus you look so happy in it! I bought a white dress last year but it's a little too poofy at the bottom. Maybe I can find a way to fix it and then I can copy your look?!

  3. Loving the scarf! My favorite outfit is probably #24 but they are ALL super cute. You are great at remixing. 🙂

  4. That scarf is a definite favorite. I'm actually using it as decor in my foyer when I'm not wearing it! lol.

  5. I'm so at home in layers and cold temperatures, thus the happiness! Does it just flare out a little too much for your taste? Sometimes that's because of how they structure the waist. Less darting and pleats=less bottom poof. I would be so honored if I inspired a look!

  6. The similar flats in outfit #22 are made by my favorite flats brand, "…me too." I also have a few pairs of dv by dolce vita ones I like a lot. Besides the cece's (I heard they were coming back, but who knows…) I love the madewell sidewalk skimmers. They're very comfortable for me. Narrow in the heel and a little wider at the ball of the foot.

  7. You look super cute. Your hair is so long! (Maybe it has been and I'm just now noticing.) I also really love that your outfits all kind of have the same color scheme and the pictures look perfect next to each other.