Emily Ley Daily Simplified Planner Review

Staying organized is a priority to me and pen and paper are still one of the top ways I do that. I’m very picky about my planners. As we quickly approach January 2015 (oy!) lots of people grab planners and calendars that just hang on the wall or sit empty after a few months. Right now I’m using the Kate Spade planner that I reviewed here, and even though it has the full 2015 year in it, I will using it for work and adopting either the Emily Ley daily Simplified Planner for my daily use or the Whitney English Day Designer. Look for the Day Designer review for next week. Today I have an in depth look at the daily Simplified Planner.

emily ley simplified planner in depth review :: www.hayesdays.com
Around July/August when I started digging for planner options, I realized that most of the planner “alternatives” (Emily Ley, Erin Condren, Whitney English) are already planning for the next year at that time, so I patiently waited for their 2015 launches. This is the first year Simplified Planner has been offered in daily and weekly, which Emily reviews on her blog in depth here.
emily ley simplified planner in depth review :: www.hayesdays.com
The things that I look for in a planner are the page layout (obviously) concerning how much it pertains to me and what I do every day and the durability aspects of it. It has to last all year! My durability criteria are::
  • Cover:: pretty solid. If it’s not banded closed though, I could see it being bent if you were really rough with it. I mean purposely-bending-it-back rough with it. This cover is a plus. It also has gold corner protectors. The cute dots are a bonus.
  • Binding:: when something gets this thick, it’s hard to find a substitute for spirals and keep the product affordable. I ordered this pretty back in September and just being in storage the spirals have started to shift. This unfortunately, is a minus.
  • Gold elastic band closure:: Though not the most durable material, this is something other planners don’t even have, so this is a plus, even though the elastic probably won’t last a year. It’s very pretty and complimentary to the cover designs.
  • Paper:: plus plus PLUS! I love the weight and the bright white. I write with either paper mater flair pens or staedtler fine tip pens, so the ink more than often bleeds through. Not so with this paper, so I’m incredibly happy.
  • Tabs:: these are a plus too. Heavy duty lamination on those suckers. Tabs may not be something you notice, but I’m constantly flipping back and forth. These are definitely not tearing off. Also a plus is how they open. If you grab the tab, you’re looking at the entire month view instead of having to turn the page. (I’ve noticed some are like that.)
  • Page Layout:: this is a plus for me. I end up diving a day timer very similar to the way the Simplified Planner is already laid out. If you work, run a house-hold, have multiple things to accomplish each day, you will love this page layout. 
Some additional things I love about the simplified planner are the motivational quotes at the top of the day’s page, the pocket on the inside cover, and the fact that she gives some very straightforward instructions on how to use the planner and simplify your life.
If you’re in the market for a planner for 2015, and need more detail than the Kate Spade gives for your day space, I recommend giving the Simplified Planner a try. Though sold out in her shop, many retailers across the US have them in stores so find one near you. I would also be more than happy to share more pictures of the planner details via email if you’re interested in purchasing one, so as to not compromise all Emily’s hard work on her planners.
Would the simplified planner work for you?

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  1. I love how pretty this planner looks, and it seems like it's perfect for anyone who's super organized. A friend of mine swears by these, but I picked up the Kate Spade one this fall, because I don't need anything too elaborate.


    Something About That

  2. I tried to let go of my paper planner a year or so ago and it just didn't work for me. I have too many different schedules to balance all at once and it got far too cluttered on my phone.

  3. The Kate Spade planner has been great to me, but I'm hoping to consolidate all my planners into this one planner. Having it all in one place really appeals to me.

  4. They are so pretty! After following Emily on IG it makes me even more anxious about writing in it because I know how hard she works on it!

  5. I really recommend it for anyone who is trying to balance a heavy load (such as yourself). I have several planners right now trying to balance my schedule and I'm hoping this one will help me consolidate.

  6. Ugh I wish I found this like, 2 weeks ago when she was doing her perfectly imperfect sale! I was thinking about the weekly version because it's a little smaller. I'm kicking myself for not getting this one now. It's so cute, too!

  7. I posted it like the day after the perfectly imperfect. I was trying to get it up before but failed at getting that done. Evidently there are tons of shops that carry the daily one (no one got Weeklies this year) that are currently running sales. They were all tagging each other on one of Emily's IG posts two weeks ago.

  8. If I didn't just make a planner of a Moleskine notebook I would jump on that action! Thanks for letting me know 🙂