DIY Day: Studded Shirt How To

Back to well-days and back to blogging! I apologize for the absence. Being sick is really a chore!
Part of the purpose of Hayes Days is to motivate me to finish projects. This one took a few months to get everything together, but I actually accomplished a project, so that’s exciting! So I’m sharing it.
DIY Studded shirt how to ~
I saw this shirt on Hautelook a few months back. I loved it, but even on Hautelook, the price was not my cup of tea, even when the designer and I share the EXACT same first name. Spelling and all. Also I have a hard time paying any amount of money for something really trendy.
Gilly Studded Shirt by Meghan Fabulous

So I decided I was going to make one of my own.

For my own studded shirt I gathered:

-a shirt
-grilling fork
(not pictured)
-white thread

DIY Studded shirt how to ~
The studs I picked were different than the studs most other DIY tutorials used. I got them from this Etsy shop. They lock together.
DIY Studded shirt how to ~
I thought these would be better since there’s not much of a chance for these to go anywhere or come unbent.
FIRST, I played with the layout to decide how I wanted to arrange the studs across the pockets. I used my ruler to do my best to make them even.
DIY Studded shirt how to ~
SECOND, once I decided on the arrangement, I removed one at a time and made a light mark with the pencil on the fabric so I knew where to punch the hole.
THIRD, I used a combination of the grilling fork, scissors, and the belt hole puncher to punch holes. The grilling fork was my main tool (go figure). It made nice, clean holes, slightly smaller than what I needed, which is key. I used the scissors and belt hole puncher for the seams and thicker portions of fabric.
DIY Studded shirt how to ~
FOURTH, I affixed the the studs using a bit of super glue in the dome part and clicked it together with the bottom. I repeated it until I was finished!
FIFTH, I used my needle and thread to sew the pockets closed, since the studs were heavy and pulled the pocket down a little. I also added some to the collar.
I’ve loved wearing this top this past winter! After adding the studs, I’ve hand washed the top only. They have great staying power. It was definitely a learning process as I went. Having a heavier weight flannel would have made this easier. 
Let me know if you try this! What do you think about the studs trend?

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  1. BWAHAHAHA! I should. I feel like glitter eyeshadow would be included with the name change though.

  2. So true! You do a lot of DIYs that always turn out so well! I have more pride in something I have put some time into for sure.

  3. Love this! I have always liked the studded flannels in stores but they are often "overdone" so this is perfect!

    xx Cara

  4. Oh my goodness you are so crafty! I am so impressed right now. If I tried this Liv or the dogs would likely end up eating the studs and stabbing someone or each other with the grilling fork!;)

  5. This looks so good! I would probably end up destroying the shirt if I tried to add studs to it!

  6. Thanks Andi! And thanks for stopping by! I love your blog.
    I made a few mistakes, but thankfully didn't ruin anything. Its easier than you think! 😀