DIY Day: Quick and easy chalkboard labels

Sorry about my recent absence! After being sick two months in a row and now getting my wisdom teeth out, it’s been more than a double whammy around here. Things are finally getting back to normal! Here’s a quick and easy project I did two weekends ago that’s definitely worth sharing.

quick and easy chalkboard labels ~
Of course they’re featuring my fav from two Thursdays ago, my chalk markers. Here’s what you’ll need:
quick and easy chalkboard labels ~
It’s so simple it only needs five items to complete and has even fewer steps!
quick and easy chalkboard labels ~
Then all you have to do is fill your jar! It’s so easy and took so little time I redid all my jars. The chalkboard vinyl surface is perfect because you can just wipe it off and change the label as often as you change the contents of your jars.
quick and easy chalkboard labels ~
How do you label your jars at home?
Crafty Allie

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  1. Welcome back! I was starting to get worried about you, miss. 🙂
    How do I label my jars at home? I don't. I just keep thinking that "one day" I'll go and buy myself some new jars to do something like this with. And then I don't. Ikea is calling…

  2. Awwwww… Thanks for the welcome!

    LOL! I forget how much these (or the similar version) are at IKEA, but I was really surprised at how cheap the jar in the photo was at Hobby Lobby. I went while glass was half off and this was $2. 8-0 Mucho impressed.

  3. These labels are so cute! I don't really have anything labeled in my kitchen but I'm inspired to try out something like this.