DIY Day: Framed Fridge Decor

It’s spring, and even though Georgia is experiencing winter like weather right now, I’m still ready to spruce up the house a bit. On the SNAP! Conference blog I saw a link to Jessica’s post on Mom 4 Real showing how she used cut out frames to dress up her fridge. Keeping things neat and organized is something that’s right up my alley. Inspired by Jessica, here’s what I did for my framed fridge project.
I decided to do one magnetic and one chalkboard one. Here are the details for my magnetic fridge frame:
FIRST: The frame. I went with the cute decorative frames that you can get from Hobby Lobby. They’re always half off and then I already had glass to use for my magnetic area. 
SECOND: After seperating the glass from the frame and all the paper, I used Krylon Magnetic Spray Paint. The more you apply, the stronger the magnetic surface is. I used about half a can on the 8×10 glass.
Here it is all cleaned up and dry. 
The can recommends letting the paint dry for 24 hours. That’s exactly what I did and this turned out perfectly. Except for a few user errors and the wind blowing some stray debris into drying paint, for light weight items and good magnets, this magnetic spray paint works.
THIRD: After reassembling the frame, I grabbed my trusty Gorilla Glue and various sizes of magnets laying around the house. For the 8×10, don’t use anything smaller than a quarter coin. The 5×7 one I used an assortment of quarter coin sized magnets and nickel coin sized magnets. Gorilla glue expands A LOT while drying. Make sure you put something on top of the magnets so they don’t move around while the glue expands. Leave it to dry as long as possible. I used 12 quarter size magnets for the 8×10 frame to make it stay on the fridge and not slide around. Had I used stronger magnets, it probably would not have taken nearly as many. It only took four for the 5×7 frame because I had stronger magnets available.
Voila! Once the glue is dry, put it on the fridge, and you have a framed fridge! I also made one with one of my favorite Disney inspired prints. The chalkboard one I used chalkboard vinyl surface and covered the glass that came with the frame. I’m using it for my grocery list. FIY, the magnets can scratch a polished stainless steel fridge, so be careful!
What do you think? Is this something you’ll try? How do you keep your fridge organized?
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  1. My refrigerator doors are a mess of toddler drawings and magnets. I wish we could keep it clean, it just doesn't happen. This is adorable though!

  2. awww… thanks Katy! I have to rotate my drawings from my little brother. Pretty sure I have a million of them, or that's what it feels like.