Disney Day: Chip ‘n Dale’s Harvest Feast Special Diet Review

We were able to try so many new restaurants last time we were at Disney World and discovered some pretty amazing ones. One that Corey and I tried and loved was The Garden Grill Restaurant at EPCOT. This restaurant is inside The Land Pavilion. It’s the rotating restaurant. The Garden Grill is only open for a dinner character dining experience called Chip ‘n Dale’s Harvest Feast Dinner.

Chip 'n Dale's Harvest Feast Special Diet Review ~ www.hayesdays.com

Here are the basic details:

Chip ‘n Dale’s Harvest Feast Dinner
Location: The Land Pavilion in EPCOT
Restaurant: The Garden Grill (the rotating restaurant!)
Price: Children (3-9) $18-21; Adults $37-42 {prices fluctuate with days of the week and seasons}
Dinner is served from 4-8 PM

The Garden Grill is the rotating restaurant. From the time we were seated to when we paid and left, we rotated around once. It took us a little over an hour. The only way you really know you’re moving is because the scenery around you is changing. Otherwise, you can’t feel the movement. Also the restaurant is small, explaining why it’s hard to get reservations there, besides the fact that it’s only open for dinner. This dinner was flat out amazing and worth it! It’s served what Disney calls “family style” where a salad and rolls, then meats, followed by a dessert come out on a plate and you help yourself off of the plate. You can help yourself to as much as you want. We didn’t get seconds on anything because we were so stuffed and really wanted to try each course, but everything would’ve definitely been worth the seconds!
First was the salad. It was a dark lettuce salad with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, carrots, bacon, and a hard boiled egg with a light creamy ranch dressing. I could’ve eaten just the salad alone! It was delicious. It was accompanied by rolls and honey maple butter. Due to contamination issues with the rolls, I was brought safe rolls with my own honey maple butter. I’m not a big butter eater, but these rolls really needed something. Needless to say, I didn’t eat much of the roll. Very little flavor. 
Chip 'n Dale's Harvest Feast Special Diet Review ~ www.hayesdays.comChip 'n Dale's Harvest Feast Special Diet Review ~ www.hayesdays.com 
Next were the meats. You’re served a fish wish seasonal veggies, turkey and dressing, and steak and potatoes. The steak was top notch and the potatoes were all you could’ve ask for! So good! The fish was good, but my least favorite of the three. We had the hybrid tilapia that you see swimming around on Living with the Land. No bones and cooked to perfection. The turkey has a caper based gravy on it, which made it a little salty. Otherwise, it was moist, unlike most turkey you get out. 
Chip 'n Dale's Harvest Feast Special Diet Review ~ www.hayesdays.com
Lastly was the amazing yellow cake dessert. It may sound plain, but it’s served piping hot with a berry mixture that becomes like jam in the middle and topped with a dollop of real whipped cream. The dessert was simple, but the flavors were incredible. 
Chip 'n Dale's Harvest Feast Special Diet Review ~ www.hayesdays.com
You get to meet four characters: Chip, Dale, Mickey, and Pluto. Character interaction for us was great! We got to see most of them twice because the restaurant is so small. 
Chip 'n Dale's Harvest Feast Special Diet Review ~ www.hayesdays.com
Our chef was great. As a reminder, I’m allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish. He made sure to ask me if I was comfortable with possible contamination issues. I am not, so I was brought special allergy rolls with the little “allergy” wooden stick. Also the dressing that compliments the turkey was served on the side because it was made with bread from shared equipment. The sauce for the steak was prepared in a facility where it could’ve come in contact with shellfish and nuts, so it was also served on the side. For once, the dessert was safe for me and after eating some I still felt fine. No Benadryl chaser, which is what I usually have to follow “safe” desserts with. Eggs and wheat could be very easily avoided here by just avoiding the breads, dressing for the turkey, and removing the egg from the salad. Most of the meal is veggies and meat, which is great not just for those with special diets needs. A fish allergy could also be easily avoided by plating the fish separately from the dinner course. I’m sure there’s milk in the potatoes and possibly even in the ranch dressing and definitely in the yellow cake for dessert. I’m not sure if these portions could be served without milk, but Disney always does their absolute best to substitute for those with special diet needs of any kind. Soy and corn are the last two special diet allergies besides “other” that Disney provides on the form. If there’s corn, it’s really hidden. Everything tasted very fresh and free of corn based preservatives. Soy is another one of those hidden allergens too. I’m sensitive to soy usually that’s what prompts the Benadryl after a “safe” meal. There may be some soy in the dressing and in the breads, but everything tasted very fresh. I was super impressed at how I felt after this meal. Though stuffed, I didn’t feel lethargic or like I had eaten something that I was sensitive to. I would highly recommend this meal for those with special diet needs and those that are looking to eat a healthy meal. There are many choices for this family style meal that make it a good fit. 
Have you eaten the Chip ‘n Dale Harvest Feast before? What did you think? Let me know if you have any special diet questions in the comments below or with the “contact” form.

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  1. One big thing I'm worried about for my Disney trip is the cost of eating! We are ready to splurge at Be Our Guest, but is it possible to eat good food for relatively lower prices at the parks/resorts? I don't think we would eat enough to benefit from a Dining Plan, or want to be forced to eat to make it worth the cost.

    Although, I might just resort to choosing Dole Whips for one meal per day. YUM!

  2. Oh it's so good and simple at the same time! Yum! Thanks for visiting Cara. I'm loving reading your blog!