Creative Day: DBN Pen Pals February ’14 box

Get excited for two awesome things today: the giveaway winner and all of the pretties in my DBN Pen Pals box!

The now husband and wife duo, Nicole and Cameron, of Designs by Nicolina always produce top notch paper pretties. If you’re looking for anything from invitations to art for your home, they have something to fit the bill. If they don’t, you can always request it to be made custom with confidence.

This month they started DBN Pen Pals, a new, ingenious way to get you paper needs fulfilled each month. I’m addicted to subscription boxes just as much as Disney and Starbucks, so of course I could hardly wait to get it. Here’s what was inside:

DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~
SO MANY PRETTY THINGS! Here are the individual photos of what was included in this month’s box:
DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~
First, the “You Can Do Amazing Things” 5×7 art print. These smaller prints are great. I have a frame on my desk that I like to swap prints out of all the time. This one will be getting some playing time soon. They are also the perfect spot of color for a collage wall. Why not be inspired when you walk by your collage wall in your living room each day?
DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~
These modern recipe cards are great. The paper is heavy duty, perfect for passing down those valuable recipes some day. They’re also great housewarming and wedding shower gifts. You get 16 in a set. There is ample space for writing notes, ingredients, and directions. I was so excited to see these in there!
DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~
No excuses now for not saying thank you! The merci beaucoup thank you cards are some of my personal favorites. I already own them in blue. I was thrilled to receive the vibrant green color. It’s just a card, no folding, perfect for a short and sweet thanks. 
Everything else was exclusive to the DBN Pen Pals box! 
DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~
DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~

These great cards are exclusive to the box this month and will be available in the shop soon! They’re folded, so you can pour your little heart out. Included is an envelope so you’re ready to go!

DBN Pen Pal's box review 02.14 ~

These bags and hand written note cards are adorable and were a bonus in this month’s box and not available in the shop either!

Want a penpal box of your own? You will get approximately $25 worth of goodies from their shop in your subscription box each month. The more months you sign up for, the better deal you get. One month is $18, so you save $7 off the price of the items. Compare that to a three month subscription for $45– saving $10 off the retail price of the box items. So go ahead! Click here to sign up.

Get ready to see more from DBN in next month’s box same time, same place, because I’m addicted.

Last but certainly not least, congratulations are due to Alicia for winning the 3 month subscription to Birchbox! You’ve been contacted by email.  Thank you so very much to everyone who entered! There will be another giveaway next month full of my favorite goodies, so make sure you’re following me via a social network so you don’t miss out!

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  1. Thanks Meghan! Can't wait to see what Birchbox has in store! And what you next blog entails. You rock, keep it up!