Colorblock Tunic+Plaid Flannel

While I try to get together my photos to introduce you to all to my fall capsule (and get some help!), I’m going to go ahead and blog outfit 12 of my capsule. Once I get myself together, I’m going to get y’all caught up on outfit photos, but for now, I’m still not back in my routine! It’s driving me nuts.

tunic and booties for fall ::
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plaid button down:: Old Navy tunic:: Madewell  (similar) leggings:: Old Navy booties:: Kenneth Cole Reaction via Marshalls bow ring:: Madewell (you’ve seen the bracelet/necklace many times so I’ll spare you the links)

tunic and booties for fall :: www.hayesdays.comtunic and booties for fall :: www.hayesdays.comtunic and booties for fall :: www.hayesdays.comtunic and booties for fall ::
This one almost didn’t get worn out of the house. The tunic is sleeveless so I knew I needed to wear something over it, but I tried two different jackets and was “meh” about them. I liked this, but I felt SO much of a 90s vibe coming off of this. The next step would’ve been to take my plaid off and tie it around my waist. Oy! It was too comfortable to deny though, so it got worn out of the house. The weather was so nasty, I wanted to be as close to pajamas as possible when I left the house. These pictures were taken during the tiny break in the weather. Right after I finished it poured down rain for the next several hours. 
Friday, I hope to have a collage of my fall capsule items ready. There’s about 10-ish items I’m not sure whether I should include or not and I need y’alls help big time. Sometimes you need to wear something out of your comfort zone, but did I cross a line with a little too much 90s in this outfit? What would you wear over this tunic? 

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  1. As if I didn't already love you and your blog enough you remind me so much of one of my closest friends that I don't get to see nearly enough!

    Now onto that skirt and plaid, YES, I love a dressed up plaid! This is 90s'esque in only the best of ways, I promise!

    xx Cara

  2. Wow, I never dress that well unless I plan to go out!! I really love the idea of a monochromatic (sort of) look in a brighter blue. Great post and updated version of 90's style!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

  3. This plaid and cobalt outfit is fantastic on you! I love the plaid with the bright blue and red, and the skirt is perfectly matched. I'm glad you decided to step out of the house in this one. One adorable look! 🙂