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Budgeting Bloggers is a linkup hosted by Fran of Franish where you recap what you purchased and spent in the past month in an effort to curate a functional closet!

September has (quickly) come to an end. I’m linking up late, but better than never, for budgeting bloggers. Here’s what I brought home for the month of September, all planning for my fall capsule.

budgeting bloggers september
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1. Sparkletrim Sweatshirt tee:: $68, paid $17.99
2. Fluid Shirttail tee:: $24.95, paid $11.97
3. Factory Printed Bow Neck Top:: $75, paid $17 via poshmark closet @ahenke
4. Pierside zip back dress:: $98, paid $34.99
5. Free People Sabrina Maxi dress:: $108, paid $19.99 via TJMaxx
6. Pencil skirt navy:: $54.95, paid $25.96
7. Stripe fluid shirttail tee:: $26.95, paid $12.73
8. Fitted Boyfriend Gingham shirt:: $49.95, paid $23.62
9. Keds for Kate Spade New York Kicks:: $75, paid $49.99

Total:: $214.25 (made $178.50 via eBay/Poshmark sales)
Total saved off retail prices:: $366.55
I love seeing the totals when they’re more saved than spent! I bought so little this month! I wish I could go on vacation for the majority of the month every month. I”m a little weird in the fact that while I’m on vacation I don’t spend much money at all. Since I was gone for 10 days, I didn’t shop much for 10 days. Before that, I only bought what I needed, besides the shoes and white dress, which were for our fifth anniversary photoshoot (you’ll see those pictures later.)
Gap really hit it out of the park this year with their offerings for fall. I was in there one Wednesday morning at my closest Gap (which is now 40 miles away) and had the store all to myself. The skirt is supposed to be online only, but I was thrilled to find it in store and to find how well it fit. I have been searching for a navy maxi skirt and this one ticked all the boxes: knee length, some stretch, slimming. It also made me happy that the gingham button up I returned in March fit this month! It was great motivation to keep trying, even though the number on the scale hasn’t changed.  
As you can see, my love affair with madewell continues. SO IN LOVE! The jeweled sweatshirt is a little on the cropped side, but I love the weight and fit on it so much more than the similar J.Crew one that I stalked forever.
The maxi dress was a surprise. I was surprised it fit and surprised to find it at such a great price. It’s partially lined and a sweater type material that will look so cute with booties into fall and will be great in a fall capsule (that I have to get done this week– it’s chilly here at home!)
I’m loving the capsule wardrobe concept. My picks are so much more specific at the store now because I’m thinking about exactly what I need for it. Unfortunately, I’m still on a boots quest. Four pairs have been bought and returned so far. 
So how did you do this month? Link up with Fran and share!

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  1. Okay, I just read your closet inventory post. Regarding the booties, have you looked into the Sam Edelman Petty boots at all? They're available at Piperlime and Zappos (and probably lots of other places!), and they come in black suede and cognac leather (and many other options, haha). I just got a pair in black leather!

  2. That's a lot of my problem in creating this fall capsule since the weather will change a lot during this time. It's going to be bigger and focus more on layers.

    I love those booties! I'm saving my Gap rewards and hoping to get them for less. I'm kinda cheap but I want quality at the same time. lol.

  3. I love the dresses, and I'm totally jealous of that sweatshirt tee! I loved the J.Crew one as well, but the price just never tempted me enough to buy it when it was in stock.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I even tried it on and passed on it because I was like, meh when it gets a little cheaper. This one was worth the price paid.

  5. Thanks! I've already surpassed this month maybe twice with purchases, but I'm really excited about what I'm bringing in and trying to decide what needs to go out.