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Budgeting Bloggers is a linkup hosted by Fran of Franish where you recap what you purchased and spent in the past month in an effort to curate a functional closet!

October went by really fast. I mean, I don’t think I blinked once. Most of the beginning of September was spent building a capsule. I bought quite a few pieces coming off a small shopping month. I’m hoping to have more small shopping months like that one. Here’s what I brought home this month.

budgeting bloggers :: september finals
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1. Lambswool shirttail sweater in white:: $98, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $40.80
2. Cointoss dress in stripe:: $98, 30% off sale price, paid $48.99
3. Jeweled shield necklace:: $55, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $20.39
4. Merona plaid scarf:: paid $16.99
5. Zip-back surf pencil skirt:: $98, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $20.39
6. Hooded “Danke” sweatshirt:: $98, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $30.81
7. Kenneth Cole Reaction Pil Age Bootie:: $99, purchased at Marshalls $39.99 (used $10 rewards certificate, orig $49.99 at Marshalls)
8. Pleated maxi skirt:: $60, found at Nordstrom rack, paid $14.99
9. & 10. Rockstar mid-rise skinny jeans in black and raisin arizona:: $35.50, 30% off during stuff and save paid $20.70
11. Linen tee in Fantastique:: $42.50, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $10.19
12. Sleeveless blouse in graphic plaid:: $98, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $35.69
13 -15. Merino v-neck cardigan:: $79.50, 40% off sale and student discount, paid $30.59 for each
16. Silk shirt front top:: $88, 40% off sale, paid $35.99
17. Plaid Flannel skirt:: $24.94, 30% off stuff and save, paid $14.97

Total:: $500.74 (oy! but I made $550.40 off sales)
Total saved off retail prices:: $683.49
My favorites this month hands down are the booties and the cardigans. I’m so absolutely thrilled to finally find comfortable black suede booties and get new fall/winter cardigans. Sometimes, you just can’t make it another year by just sewing up the holes again because you want to keep wearing the ones you love.  I just brought home the sleeveless blouse yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to wear it, but I thought it fit well in my capsule, so I’m going to add it, especially since there were a few empty numbers left that I want to fill. 
Don’t judge me about the “danke” sweatshirt. It’s not that often that you find German words on clothing and I love Germany. You can ask any one that’s around me semi-daily, I’m not much of a “merci” girl, but you’ll hear me say “danke” and “bitte” quite often. German may not be one of the most beautiful languages on this earth, but the language and country hold a very special place in my heart. I also would definitely not call it an impulse purchase. I wear it all the time and will keep it for years to come until there are holes in it. Then I’ll still wear it. Plus it’s incredibly comfortable.
So what did you get this month?

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  1. How do you like #1 and #12? They are both on my wish list. Also, I was surprised by how much I liked the v neck cardigan after I got the pink quartz one and wore it. Is is so warm and looks great layered. 🙂 You did a great job as usual!

  2. So…confession: last time I was in J. Crew, I saw that DANKE sweatshirt and I spent a good 5 minutes staring at it trying to figure out what the hell it said. I'm more of a MERCI girl myself, plus the funky lettering didn't help. I swear I'm smart.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  3. Wow, so many great additions to your closet this month! Also, do you have any tips for selling your old clothes? I'm impressed by how much you were able to make.

  4. Thanks! I've tacked up the sleeves for the vneck cardis, but I like having the room to layer over long sleeves come colder weather. #12 is great. I love the longer length especially. #1 is definitely boxy like the reviews say, but I love it with jeans and a pencil skirt. I haven't worn it yet because it hasn't been cool enough. It's definitely bulky. I tried on all four color variations and the navy and white was the least boxy.

  5. Haha! That just made my day. Not gonna lie, the lettering is a little weird, but I just adore seeing German on a sweatshirt.

  6. Thanks for the tips! I'm definitely going to try Poshmark. I've sold things on Ebay before, but it was a lot of work for how little money I was getting in the end, after factoring in Ebay fees, Paypal fees, and shipping. Any insight into why you're able to make more money on Poshmark versus Ebay? Is it because the fees are lower, or are the buyers different? (Sorry about so many nosy questions!)

  7. Those pretty cardigans are what stood out to me as well – and the colors you chose are so versatile as well! I'm jealous that you found an article of clothing with "your" language on it! I speak Spanish and Italian, but for whatever reason, I can never find either of those languages on anything cute – French is EVERYWHERE though!!

  8. Those cardis!! I love them! I was seriously just thinking to myself that I really need some more cardigans this fall/winter. I also love the striped dress you got, it looks super duper comfy. Can't wait to see how you style it 🙂

  9. Ooof, that was a bit of a hit to the wallet wasn't it? Ah well, we all have our months. I love the blouses you got as well as all the plaid. Loving the plaid. This month was a layering basics month for me, so sweaters and long sleeved t-shirts were the name of the game 🙂