Budgeting Bloggers: May Finals

I went a little cray cray pants this month with my spending and I’m super late to the game posting this. Here’s my May rundown:
May Budgeting Bloggeres
left to right, top to bottom

Lace Sleeve Top: Orig $75, marked down, 30% off, 15% off student discount, paid $25.49
Prima Jersey Pocket tank (in heather pewter and white): Orig $29.50, marked down, 30% off, 15% off student discount, paid $12.74 each
Vintage Cotton Cap Sleeve tee (in white, navy, brilliant blue, and neon hibiscus): Orig $29.50, marked down, 30% off, 15% off student discount, paid $7.64 each
Classic Schoolboy Blazer in navy: Orig $198, marked down, 50% off, paid $50
Minnie pant foulard print: Orig $110, marked down, 30% off, 15% off student discount, paid $35.69
Minnie pant diamond print: Orig $110, marked down, 30% off, paid $42.99
AE Surplus Vest (similar): Orig $50, on sale, 60% off sale, paid $20
Printed Pleated Tie Neck Dress: Orig $118, marked down, 30% off, paid $41.29
Halogen knit high/low maxi skirt (in olive and gray): Orig $59, marked down, paid $19 each
Merona refined 3/4 sleeve boat neck tee (dot and stripe): Orig $12.99, paid $6 each
Matte Leather Belt in peach fuzz: Orig $39.50, marked down, 30% off, 15% off student discount, paid $7.64
Jessica Simpson Walline wedges (similar): Orig $80, Marshalls find $35
Tahari coral jersey knit top: Orig $80, Marshalls find $16
Brilliant stones necklace: Orig $138, marked down, 30% off, 15% off student discount, paid $45.93
Gap outlet skinny calf hair belt in leopard (not pictured) (similar): Orig $25, marked down to $2.97

Total: $429.04-$191.70 in posh/ebay sales-$50 J.Crew rewards card+$30 in the hole last month=
Total saved off retail prices: $915.44
I am proud of how much I saved off retail and the fact that I filled a wardrobe hole for $3, but definitely embarrassed about how much I went over. There are some items that I’m still waiting to receive but decided to include them in May because I’m participating in a no-shop summer group on Instagram. Check out #noshopsummer. I’m bending the rules and allowing myself to use any rewards/gift cards and I’m giving myself a $50 buffer. I do terrible trying to do NONE of something. I do better if I know I can have a teeny cheat. I hope to not use the $50 just by letting myself know it’s there. My goal is to wear everything in my closet with tags on it and things that I’ve unpacked and haven’t worn yet this year. If I do buy anything, I hope those purchases fill some wardrobe holes. I keep forgetting to focus on those and I end up focusing on what I think I need at the moment. As far as the spending/saving goals go, next month I want to make up what I’m over this month and not spend more than $50, if at all.
My three favorites for what I purchased this month have to be the Jessica Simpson wedges, the cap sleeve tees, and the surplus vest. Expect to see those on heavy rotation. To make me remix and wear my closet, I’m going to make it a goal (again) to post more pictures of my outfits. Maybe not more outfit posts, but something to hold me accountable and keep trying to reinvent my closet and be happy with it for the next two months.

Things not being counted in my total this month:

may budgeting bloggers
left to right

First row: Aerie High Waist Leggings, Florence eShakti dress (c/o), Herschel Supply Co. “Market” Tote, AE Zip back tanks, 
Second row: Reef Bella CosasHAVAIANAS Basic Slim Flip-Flops, New Balance Minimus Running Shoe, Toms

The reason these items aren’t being included is because I didn’t have to pay for them. They were gifts of one sort or another. There is one “care of” item that I also included in items not counted towards my total spent. Reviews of some of these items have already been posted or are soon to come.

Visiting my other two goals of losing weight and refining my closet. First, losing weight. It’s a back and forth battle that’s something I’m trying to win the war over. I haven’t lost any more weight, but I spent one week in Disney and one week sick as a dog this past month and those two factors affected my work out routine. I started that back up this past weekend and hope to keep it rolling again. Second, refining my closet (I think) is going well. I think what I’m getting rid of and what I’m bringing in are creating an over all focus. I’ve given up on going too far out of my color scheme of pink, coral, navy, white, cream, and gray. There’s a few splashes of other colors that still exist because they’re absolute favorites, but I think the items in my closet now have a definite focus and I would consider them more pieces contributing to a completed puzzle.

I’m going to be doing a separate post for my statement necklace switch ups this month, FYI.

Can’t wait to see how everyone did this month! Make sure you check out Fran’s Budgeting Bloggers link up. So how did you do? Are you doing any kind of shopping curbing for the next few months?

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  1. Well, my plan was to buy nothing in June, but then I saw the perfect flat silver sandals and had to order them because it's so hard for me to find flat sandals that I like. I hope they fit, but they might be returned. Otherwise, I'm really going to try not to shop in June. I'm still not over budget for the year, but I just like to have more buffer!

  2. That's awesome that you're not over budget! I was doing fairly well February-April, but blew it out of the water this month like worse than I have in a long time. I'm hoping to use June and July to get back on track. Flat sandals are really difficult to find! Especially ones with enough support to spend the day walking in.

  3. Glad to see I am not the only one over budget this month, whew. How do you like the lace sleeve tee after owning it for a week? Also, how is the necklace? I must say I am shocked to see the Minnie's too! But that foulard navy pair is SO tempting to me. 😉 As always I love and want all your stuff! I'm glad to see you are joining in on #noshopsummer too!

  4. I haven't worn it yet, but have plans to wear it with the foulard minnies. That was one of the reasons why I got those minnies because I really liked them together and really liked the weight of the patterned minnies. I love the necklace! I have been unable to find it pretty much any where though. It was the last one the store I was at. The blue is one of my favorite colors. Yay for no shop summer! lol. Great minds!

  5. Ahhh! You got so many, many great things! You can totally remix all of this over and over!

  6. You got so many great things and such great deals!! I love those amazing shoes and necklace!


  7. Thanks Katie! Seeing as how I'm doing a no shopping summer I really hope so! I've already been swapping around those boatneck tees that you also have.

  8. Thanks Angela! I'm not proud of how much I spent, but I can't get over how much I saved. Pretty excited about that. I really like the color of the necklace and I'm excited to see how it works with other items.

  9. Those tees you got will be great summer staples, but with cardigans and blazers, you can wear them all year round (my favorite kinds of pieces are the year-rounders)! I am with you on losing weight – one of these days, I'm hoping the exercise bug will bite me 🙂 I like what you said about wanting to keep the color scheme in your closet smaller and more defined – I have been working on that myself as well. So far, I have lots of neutrals (white, gray, tan, navy, and black) but the colors I like to accent with are coral, mint, and light blue. My all-time favorite color is purple (especially eggplant/plum or really dusty purples), but I'm really picky about the shades I select so I hardly own any of it. Perhaps you're onto something by wanting to keep your colors more cohesive…I'll keep that in mind!!

  10. I think the lace tee and the pleated dress are my favs this month. As usual, we could each live in each other's closets and be happy! Maybe during your no-shop summer I will have to put you on the hunt for deals for ME!

  11. Ugh, I slacked on physical activity of any sort (beyond walking to the fridge and to the car) this past semester, but tried to get the ball rolling, only to get sick two days into that ball rolling. I'm back at it, and hopefully won't get sick again this time around. Since I'm trying to get back in shape, I'm avoiding buying too many things that won't fit with weight change (i.e., sheath dresses and pants). I've also found totaling purchases after I've made them and keeping track of the budget throughout the month rather than all at the end helps me stay on track. Good luck for next month!

  12. Ugh every month I think "I am going to be better and not shop" and then I forget and shop too much. I can't seem to help myself. I think it is awesome that you are keeping track of your budget and how much you are saving! Even though you went a little over budget, you made some great purchases!


  13. i think you got lots of great items! i definitely went overboard for two months and budgeting helped me realise how crazy i was. however, when you get great deals like that ($3?!) you just cant pass them up. and that dress!!! i want it, please.

  14. Thanks Kimi! I'm checking out your run down right now. I really recommend the prima tanks. The white is a little thin but its perfect for under cardigans and I can't wait to wear it under the blazer. How could you not get that deal?! I mean woah… best I've seen online in a long time.

  15. Thanks for commenting Kate! It really is a morale killer when you get sick and lose your routine. It's frustrating. Sheath dresses don't work with my current shape at all. When I get back to shopping (because I know I will) I should do that. I always think I'm going to update my log when I go home, but I forget or I'm too tired or something. Thanks for the tips and the well wishes!

  16. Thanks for stopping by Nikki! I recently started following your blog. That is me every single month, so you're in good company. This has really helped me at least know where my money is going and helps me keep track of when things come in because I'm terrible about bringing things home and NOT wearing them for months. Not gonna lie, I love everything and don't regret what I got, but I don't like going over so much.

  17. Thais thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! I'm headed to yours next. Ive already enjoyed wearing the necklace twice. It's a fun piece.

  18. Personal shopper is one of my (many) dream jobs. I've been trying to help out a friend in Taiwan, scooping up deals and sending them there, but it's difficult. I could come to Nashville for the day and shop for/with you. I can't wait to wear that dress. I got it for a special occasion next month and can't wait to wear it. The top I highly recommend. It's half off the sale price online at J.crew.

  19. Thanks Kristen! Budgeting is helping me do the same. I spent a horrible amount of money in January and decided to join budgeting bloggers to help me get a handle on it. This is the worst I've done since I started doing this in February. I'm in love with all of it. Both of the dresses I got are fabulous and I recommend them both!

  20. Those tees are my new favorites! I love the J.Crew vintage cotton and have several vneck ones, but they don't look very versatile but rather err on the side of being just casual. The ones I got this month could go casual or business and are less sheer. I can't wait to wear the tanks and tees with the blazer that's coming, especially the tee because that cotton is so refined looking.
    As far as exercise is concerned, you just gotta get up and do it and eventually either you find an activity you like or you develop a taste for the activity you're doing. It's not something I LOVE but rather something I see the good in and feel good when I do it on a more regular basis. I'm thinking of making a separate goals post at the end of the month. Another blogger I'm following is doing that. It would keep it more organized I know.
    And third (boy this is turning into a long comment…) the color scheme thing is helping me keep from buying things that I'm not wearing. Even if the style of a piece is a little out of my comfort zone, if it comes in a color I gravitate to, it seems to get worn. I noticed the colors I gravitate to in March and I decided to work with those and I ended up wearing everything I bought in April. It should also promote ease with remixing items this summer (I hope).

  21. I love all the pieces you got, and many of them were basics, so you shouldn't feel too bad about going over budget. Good luck with your no shop summer!

    Chic on the Cheap

  22. Thank you for stopping by Lydia! I love your blog. And thank you for the well wishes. I'm hoping to get a good handle on what I have in my closet along the way. I truly love all the pieces (which may sounds strange, but I don't always love everything I decide to keep) so I don't feel terrible about going over. And like you said, most are basics. It's just disappointing to not reach a goal.

  23. Love the printed pants! But everything looks so versatile, and sometimes you really just need to hit refresh on your closet!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too 🙂

  24. Thanks Sarah! I'm pretty excited about both pairs. Versatility is something I'm trying to focus on in my closet, so I'm glad that came across in my choices!

  25. I'm so glad it sounds like those tees will be versatile for you!! 🙂 I really like what you said about the exercise thing as well. I love swimming but we don't have access to a pool right now, which is a bummer. I also love dancing and would love to join a dance class!! I have been thinking about a "goals" post as well (I love how Nicole from writes like a girl does hers!!) and hope that it will make me accountable and give me something to work toward 🙂

  26. I have a love-hate relationship with high/low dresses and skirts, but I think I could get down with those knit skirts! 🙂

  27. Nicole is my inspiration for wanting to start a blog post! She's so adorable.
    Do I ever wish I had a pool! Swimming is honestly me all time favorite activity. I really wish I had one that I could come and go as I pleased to.

  28. They are so soft! My mom always said soft like bubble gum and potato chips, which I had no idea how soft that was, but these skirts just might be that soft. I think the solid high/low is much easier to deal with. Also the length on these is better than others I've tried where the front is wayyyyyy too short. Thanks for commenting Brittney! Your blog is awesome.