Budgeting Bloggers: March Finals

I’ve been anxiously awaiting this post all month and excited to be linking up with Fran again.

Here’s the March rundown with a lot more details than last month.

Budgeting bloggers March ~ www.hayesdays.com
all images are stock from the respective retailer

GAP striped pencil skirt: Orig $54, marked down, 30% off sale, 10% off Tuesday, paid $17 (similar for $13)
Old Navy dot oxford navy dots: Orig $24.95, marked down, 10% off Tuesday, paid $8.49
J.Crew vintage sweatshirt in metallic triangles: Orig $65, marked down, 30% off sale price, 20% off for cardholder stacked, $25 rewards card, paid $3 (<— :-0 even I was impressed)
J.Crew Crystal and Carved Stone necklace: Orig $75, promo price $55, 40% off, paid $33
J.Crew Jacquard-stripe sweatshirt:  Orig $78, marked down, 40% off, paid $27.49
Old Navy dot oxford green dots: Orig $24.95, marked down, paid $10.49 (my local ON is always more expensive than the ones in Atlanta -_-)
Madewell Patent Sidewalk Skimmer flats: (patent not currently available) Orig $98, found gently used on Poshmark for $35
J.Crew Factory Classic Button-down in pink gingham: Orig $59.50, found new with tags on Poshmark for $18
Me Too Aneesa Flats: Orig $89, found at Nordstrom Rack for $19
J.Crew tipped side-panel v-neck sweater: Orig $90, marked down to $34.99, addtl 50% off, both sand and navy for $35 ($17.50 each) {this deal is going on RIGHT NOW}

Total: $208-$216 eBay/posh/returns= +$8 left
Total saved off retail prices: $537

As far as goals are concerned– 
Saving half of what I make: Spent more, but I came in UNDER budget, so I consider this month a win. I’m not checking off the goal as met, but I now know it is more than attainable.
Loosing weight: I did lose 5 lbs this past month, but it was because I got my wisdom teeth removed. I’m hoping it gets and keeps the ball rolling though.
Refining my style: It’s happening, I think. Items that I am not wearing in the month are being sold or returned if I cannot justify saving them for another season. Some of the items above still haven’t been worn, so I am facing the decision within myself for those pieces too. Remixing the items I am adding is also important to me, so I’m documenting those and hoping to post a few item remix posts a month. Also I identified some holes in my closet and items I love that are truly worn out and I want to focus on filling holes and replacing worn out items. Here is my current list–

Wardrobe Holes:
-rubber/rain boots
-plain chambray popover
-black pencil skirt
-leopard calf hair wedges
-leopard belt
-leopard scarf
-navy gingham button up
-cognac brown tote
Needs Replacing:
-gray suede wedges (so sad, but thumbs up for three years for a Target shoe)

Now for thoughts on my keepers and my non-keepers:

I was SO excited to find one of the metallic triangles sweatshirts left in my size at J.Crew early this month. I really wanted it, but I could never justify the price. With markdowns, promo, and rewards card I finally found it at a price that I was MORE than agreeable with. Patience pays off!
After seeing Katie style her striped skirt several times, I knew I needed one. I found one I loved at Gap, and have remixed it three times. I recommend it highly.
Those tiffany blue shoes have my heart. I highly recommend the brand me too for comfortable and supportive flats. You can find them just about anywhere. Some styles can look a little older, but for the majority of the time, she shoes are cute, often on sale, and comfortable. I have four pairs from that brand now.
Last, statement necklaces are something I have recently fallen in love with. I’ve been more than surprised with the dimension and layer that just one more component is adding to my outfits. Accessorizing is not something I habitually do, so in order to make sure I wear these pieces, I’ve been documenting each wear. Here’s a few (just so I’m accountable):

Budgeting bloggers March ~ www.hayesdays.com
photo property of Hayes Days

Andie piped chinos. Those got returned. After taking them to the store to return them and trying them on for someone with an opinion to see, they hit me at the wrong place, which is why I was meh about them. The Andie is supposed to hit closer to your natural waist. For me, it cut across my widest section. Kate Spade Highlighter Stripe Stevie. It just didn’t work out. I used it once and decided it wasn’t for me color wise, so it got reposhed. Anthropologie deletta waist weave top. This was from last fall. There was no elastic whatsoever in the waist weave part, so I needed a size up around my ribs, but then it would’ve been too big in the chest area. That top is also being reposhed. J.Crew Downing tote. I was SO disappointed in the quality of this tote. The leather itself is amazing and the tote is a good size, but there’s no structure to the bottom, meaning it’s eventually going to be a misshapen sack. ALL of the edges are unfinished so they will eventually fray. The straps will come separated because they’re sewn down the middle and not on the edges. These are just a few of the reasons it went back. I am looking for a cognac colored leather tote to last me 10-forever years, not just one.

OK! So that was long, sorry, but I had a lot to share. Recap of my goals: spend half or less than what I earn selling, loose more weight, add bottoms to my closet, and focus on filling wardrobe holes! Phew.

How did you do this month?

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  1. You got some great things and you know I'm all about a good statement necklace too 🙂

  2. I have a striped skirt just like that, and I have gotten SO much wear out of it. I hope you do to! I absolutely LOVE the light blue flats and the pink gingham button up! Perfect for spring 🙂

  3. Thank you Danielle! That skirt really has been a fantastic purchase. Also now that I see the shoes and button up right next to each other, I want to wear them together! Like you said, so spring.

  4. Meghan –

    Great reflection and budget post! I love your take on this! Love the mixing up of the statement necklace – you always seem to do a great job of layering! Thanks for the shoutout for the striped skirt! I can't wait to see how you rock it, and steal some looks 😉 (with credit of course)!!

    Jealous beyond belief of that sweatshirt find at Jcrew! So so so cute! And have you seen this scarf from Target (http://popsu.gr/qvfQ) to fill your leopard scarf need? Love it.

  5. Great additions; love the flats especially and that striped skirt! How do you like the Madewell skimmers? Leopard flats are on my list and I'm considering getting a pair from there. Also really enjoyed seeing how you paired your statement necklaces- impressive layering!

  6. Um, can I borrow that sweatshirt? I love your haul and would wear every single item myself!

  7. I am contemplating the sweatshirt and the merino stripe sweater at this very moment. How are they in fit? I also am not a fan of the fit on the Andies or the Minne…So sorry to hear about the Downing tote not working out. Keep me posted on any other fab cognac colored totes you may find. Great post as usual!!

  8. Oh and I forgot to say I LOVE the statement necklaces and styling this month!!

  9. that J.Crew necklace is so pretty. I am still on the hunt for a pretty and simple (not too big statement) necklace. How do you like quality of the necklace? I am so worried that I'd drop so much on it and end up not loving it.

  10. Katie–
    I always give credit where credit is due and I've learned SO much from your blog. Thanks! I think we're getting close to my last layering days here in Georgia though.

    I have not seen that scarf. I know I need one, but I've been kinda disappointed with either the feel or the pattern. That one looks like it could be a contender. Thanks!

  11. Thank you! The days are getting warmer though, so it's almost time to abandon my layering.

    Those are my second pair of madewell skimmers and they are just a well made as my first. I have wider feet, but narrow heels and the skimmers fit very well for my foot type. I've also been impressed with the quality of them. All leather. Leather on the inside and (for these) vivid patent on the outside. I would recommend them for anyone who has a medium to wide foot, but not for a narrow foot.

  12. Thank you! I'm planning on doing like an update next month or something. I'm not sure yet.
    I love both of the sweatshirts and well we've already discussed the sweaters. lol! The triangles one is a perfect-type fit. The striped one is kinda swingy and oversized. Hoping the sweaters get plenty of wear time in April!
    And I will definitely do that with the tote search!

  13. Hi Justine! Thanks for visiting. The one that I purchased this past month, the crystal and stone one, is great. It's not too heavy and the colors are versatile. If it's still in stock I recommend it. I too am pretty messy, and try to pick necklaces that don't have a long drop. None of the ones I wear fall more than an inch past my collar bone. Hope this helps!

  14. All these stripes… it's like you are speaking straight to my heart;)

    xx Cara

  15. Ummm… that triangle top is awesome! So cool.

    And you did such a great job with the necklaces – I am loving the layered look with necklaces lately – you are rocking it!

  16. Love your picks! I got the tan J.Crew sweater this month too, and the pink gingham shirt last month! I'm finding myself becoming more and more of J.Crew addict, which could be a good or bad thing 😉

  17. I KNOW RIGHT?! I wait until they go promo price+percent off sale on J.Crew. The one I got this month is the one I paid the most for so far.

  18. Thanks Ashley! I had been eyeing it for months and thought I'd missed it so I was thrilled to find it in the store.

    And thanks again! Good to know it doesn't look as weird as I think it does.

  19. Thanks Katie! First designer handbags, and now J.Crew. Slippery slope. 😉

  20. ooh i loved that triangle sweatshirt so much when i first saw it, you scored on that one! love your other purchases too!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  21. That triangle top is so great! (I hadn't seen it before now!) Plus, I really need to make a list of wardrobe holes – I bet that is really helpful!

  22. Oh my gosh, the flats you got are darling! I also really like the jacquard striped sweatshirt you got, Meghan!!