Budgeting Bloggers: June Finals

It’s that time again! I’m linking up with Fran for her monthly budgeting bloggers post.

I had really wanted to curb my spending, putting a $50 cap on my month. Well… that didn’t happen, as you can see. I had a good resale month, received a raise, and J.Crew started their half off sale early. All of those things really threw me off track.

budgeting bloggers june

1. Amie Maxidress in Colorblock: Orig $110, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $25.49
2. No.2 double serge pencil skirt: Orig $110, purchased via poshmark for $12
3. Valentina sunburst pleat skirt: Orig $118, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $21.24
4. Patio skirt in photo floral: Orig $88, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $29.75
5. Puff Sleeve Blazer in seersucker: Orig $188, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $44.37
6. Eyelet zip back top: Orig $78, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $19.12
7. “Sage” flat: Orig $225, purchased via amazon warehouse deals for $23.99
8. Printed calf hair belt: Orig $79.50, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $25.49
9. Lightweight merino tunic sweater (in two colors): Orig $118, on sale, plus 50% off sale price, both $14.99
10. “Alright with me” wedge: Orig $69.95, purchased via amazon warehouse deals for $10.27
11. Classic Chambray Popover: Orig $78,  half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $12.74
12. Cap sleeve cotton tee: Orig $29.50,  half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $8.49
13. Prima jersey pocket tank (in three colors): Orig $29.50, half off sale price, plus 15% student discount, all $10.64
14. Skyward skirt: Orig $128, on sale with 20% off sale price, $29.99

Total: $324.84-$302.50 in sales (and a little raise money)=$22.34 OVER BUDGET
Total saved off retail prices: $1301.61 (now you see why I couldn’t resist…)
So even though I was going to give myself $50 in slack this month and would technically be under my budget, I went terribly over last month and really did not want to have to use my $50 in grace money. I was definitely not planning on J.Crew starting their half off sale an ENTIRE MONTH early. If you follow the company business-wise, you’re probably aware of this article here and the discussion going on at the “mothership” here. If not, I highly suggest you read it. There’s a reason the half off sale started early this year and hasn’t gone away.

These items were purchased with gift money, earned credits, or were bought for me and therefore didn’t count towards my total:

non counted budgeting bloggers

1. eShakti belted cotton print skirt
2. Shelley Bee Originals skirts (the home taken picture in the middle is also a Shelley Bee)
3. J. Crew Necklace and Bracelet bundle (third home taken picture) via Poshmark (used posh credits)
4. Merona Knit stripe tshirt dress (already sold out online… RUN TO YOUR NEAREST TARGET STAT!)
5. MIA sandals
6. Merona woven printed pencil skirt
First skirt with feathers- Handmade Escapade
AND not pictured: Shelley Bee Originals infinity scarf (you’ll see it in Monday’s outfit post)

There was only one item that went hideously wrong. It was these. Just say no to 3 inch inseams– or for me at least.

I want to take a quick minute to talk about Shelley Bee Originals and Handmade Escapade. A big thanks goes to Nicole for introducing me to these two shops. These are both fabulous etsy shops that I own several skirts from each. I’ve been enjoying skirts even more so this summer because of these two shops producing some cute and comfortable designs with lots of color and fun patterns. If you’re a skirt girl like me in the summer, or year round for that matter, you need to check out these two ladies fabulous designs. Both of them are as lovely inside as they are outside! Make sure you’re following them both via IG as well for flash sales (Handmade & Shelley Bee).

Despite miserably failing at spending nothing this month. I’m going to try again and take it week by week. I want to start linking up with weekly wishes at the nectar collective and take much littler steps towards the big change goals. As far as purchases go, I don’t consider this month to be a failure at all. I saved A GRAND. Y’all that’s crazy. I can’t even fathom it. Checking in with my wardrobe holes, I actually filled “two.” Technically I filled the leopard calf hair belt one last month with that GAP outlet belt, but it has already started falling apart sadly. I was excited to find the J.Crew one in the store, on sale, last one, and my size. It was impossible to leave it. The construction is amazing on it. I don’t like to pay retail ever, and I didn’t, but this is one item I could see the retail value in. I’ve already worn it twice. Also from the list, I wanted a plain chambray popover. The one I purchased is more along the lines of a denim shirt, but that makes it just different enough than my current chambrays. One of the J.Crew retail associates and I were chatting about how surprised we were by the piece. She said that it looked like a mom shirt on the hanger (it really did) but how comfortable, versatile, and not-mom-like it is on. I’ve already worn it three times since adding it to my closet last week.  I also added another blazer after the schoolboy success of last month. Several skirts and more basics made their way into my closet again this month too. I’m very excited about everything and can’t wait to be showing more of it next month. My closet definitely has a cohesive look and feel to it now. My style may be varied, but the colors are consistent so every item is easily remixed now versus before. That is one of the most exciting developments of being a part of budgeting bloggers.

How did you do this month?

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  1. Okay, you got some really cute stuff. I want those striped wedges!! I was hoping to not shop at all in June, and then I got sucked into sales at Gap. But I still didn't go too crazy, and I'm still under budget for the year, so I'm not going to beat myself up about it!

  2. Wow!! You got some AMAZING deals! I love those tunic sweaters and chambray, and those prices are unreal

  3. Thank you Ashley! I thought they were pretty amazing too! Definitely worth the trips!

  4. Thank you Andi! And thanks for visiting my blog! The wedges are Seychelles weekenders. I'm not sure if they're still making them anymore, but I've found them popping up inexpensively on amazon lately and they're SO comfortable! I have a peep toe pair with sailboats all over them that I got for $17. I love them! You did phenomenally! Bloggers like you are inspirations to me to develop more shopping self control.

  5. You got some great stuff, lots of good basics! I'm dyingggg over those striped wedges!! 😉

  6. Thank you! I had to put some basic solids back into my wardrobe these past two months. There were way too many patterns going on. Haha! I died too, especially at $10.

  7. Danggg, you scored some good deals. I really like the tanks you got – they look so soft!

  8. I tried to put a three month shopping ban on myself right after christmas cause I was all like I should be really grateful for what I got and stuff, which I was, but I can't resist a cute new outfit! It can be said my goal didnt last very long. But the budget I set for myself varies month to month.

  9. My goodness all those gorgeous skirts! You seriously saved SO much this month! And brought home such beautiful pieces! If I were you I wouldn't regret any of it.

  10. I am in love with all of your skirts. Adding some colored/patterned skirts to my closet is something I want to do, and you found so many great ones! Looking forward to seeing how you style them!

  11. They are SO soft. They're a slight racerback style, so I wear my bra straps crossed with them, but I own five at this point. They're not see through like most softer cottons are, but they're still super soft, almost like a modal blend. I have no idea what prima cotton is but it's amazing!

  12. That's so upsetting that it did't fit right on you! It's been a great piece for me these past two weeks. Thanks for stopping and commenting Kimi! I will be checking out your blog soon!

  13. Yeah, that's why I gave myself the $50 grace, but after actually making really good sales this month and with the half off sale prices, I couldn't resist. I'm working on my will power though. Also the busier I am, the less time I have to spend the money and I know July is going to be very busy. Surprisingly on the months where we go on vacation, I spend very little. I guess it works subconsciously because I know (even though it's paid for) vacations are expensive. It's weird. I need to figure out how to trick my brain more often.

  14. Haha! Thanks Inge! I hate failing at a goal for myself, but I'm in love with everything. When I was counting up I realized I did get a lot of skirts. That was an area that had dwindled down too, so it worked out well. You are amazing at sticking to a budget! The bloggers that stick to their budget give me such a boost! I need to keep reminding myself how good it feels!

  15. Thank you Carrie! I appreciate you stopping by and commenting! Shelley Bee has lots of amazing patterns and very comfortable skirt designs! Check out her IG clearance!

  16. Not to be bad peer pressure… but yes, yes you do need a new leopard belt. I love how wide that one is. It doesn't get lost on pants.

  17. Haha thats funny yeah if you're busy with work then it makes it hard to have the time to even spend cash which makes it better when you do spend more on clothes. Im the total opposite though, I try to live it up during vacations. Ive always been in the mindset of yes vacations are expensive but if Im going to take one Im gonna give it my all and do whatever/buy/eat whatever my heart desires to take in the place Im visiting.

  18. Other bloggers make you shop, and that is the truth. For being on a shopping ban this month, I did pretty bad…
    really love the pieces you got, especially the patio skirt and striped dress.

    Chic on the Cheap

  19. Thanks Lydia! I love everything too, but it's so true. If I see something I love on a blogger I usually try to go find it somewhere.

  20. I know it sounds cliche, but it's really about going at it one month at a time. I think bans never work, especially in a time of such great sales 😉 but truly, you got some great pieces so no need to kick yourself over it! there's always next month to do better 🙂

  21. Thanks for visiting and commenting Fran! I'm honored! And I think I'm going to have to take that advice. Another blogger posted about conscious purchases, just making sure it was something you were truly going to wear and couldn't live without.

  22. You did great! & we got a lot of the same items. I am jealous of your in store ability as the stacked discounts got you better prices! 😉

  23. You know if you're ever looking for something let me know! I'm almost always headed to a store!