Budgeting Bloggers: July Finals

Where did July go? Everyone’s budgeting bloggers post I’ve been reading has been stating the exact same thing. It’s crazy. Parts of July feel like they were months ago, but then I’m sitting here thinking where did my month go?! Besides being phenomenally busy with work and life in general, I still had time to do the damage. Here’s my purchases for the month of July:


1.Stone Frame Necklace in warm iris: Orig $49.50, purchased for 50% off sale price, $23.99
2. Merona Knit Stripe Shirt dress: Orig $19.99, used cartwheel and coupon, $12.01
3. Collection Martina calf hair wedges:: Orig $358. Purchased via Poshmark closet @relee for $85
4. Seychelles “All the Way”:: Orig $100, on sale, percent off sale, and $10 gapcard reward, $8.98
5. Sam Edelman “tess”:: Orig $100, on sale, percent off sale, and $10 gapcard reward, $8.98
6. Viv metallic flats:: Orig $188, purchased with the help of my shopping buddy for $25
7.Diamond Ikat Fringe Scarf:: Orig $55, purchased for 50% off sale price, $27.50
8. Prima Jersey Pocket Tank:: Orig $33, purchased for 50% off sale price, plus 15% student discount, $10.40
9. Prima Jersey Muscle Tank:: Orig $35, purchased for 50% off sale price, $14.50
10. Pencil Skirt in Pinstripe Super120s:: Orig $128, purchased for $15 with the help of my shopping buddy again Lindsey

Total: $231.36-$197=$34.36 OVER BUDGET
Total saved off retail prices: $835.13 
Here’s what I acquired as gifts or care of this month:
(top to bottom, left to right)
Disney Dooney and Bourke:: gift from Corey
PinkBlush maxi dress:: care of
Sole Society flats:: gift money
Birkenstocks:: paid for by the hubs
After reading this post, I’ve decided I’m not going to beat myself up about if I go over, spend money, etc.  It is what it is and it’s all in the past. I have been practicing mindful spending though. Incase you didn’t notice, I bought a lot less than I have in previous months. Not that there weren’t things I saw that I wanted/needed, but I have been trying to pick appropriate needs to fulfill and keep wants and impulses at bay. I got six pairs of shoes this month. I don’t regret that. I’ve worn every single pair (with the Sam Edelman’s being quite the surprise and star this past month– I highly recommend them) because sandals were what I needed. I also need close to black flats, but did I fulfill that need? No because I won’t be wearing them for a while and it’s not something I have to run out and do now. Isn’t is good to buy things off season? Yes, but basic close toe black flats don’t go in and out of season. Sandals do and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited waited and waited to purchase a pair of sandals, then they sell out and I can’t find anything remotely close the following year. Despite how trendy some of the shoe picks are, they’re made with quality and trends don’t really have to go out of style in your closet. Most of them can be updated with less expensive or inexpensive things the next year. The calf hair wedges were what I deemed a wardrobe hole. I can’t wait to get them and see if they really live up to their potential in my closet. Come September, I’m going to be updating my wardrobe holes list. I’ve marked a few things off and others need to be changed. As I’ve been tracking what I’ve purchased, I’ve found that some of these items have no place in my closet. That’s a few months away though. So for now, how did you do this month? 

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  1. Okay, I am super jealous that the Target dress worked for you! I also went over budget this month, so I really enjoyed reading that post about mindful spending (thank you for sharing it!). I've been really good at picking things up that I know I'll wear for at least a year (if it's trendy; I want it to last longer if it's not, of course) and if I get something and feel like I won't wear it that much, I know it's something I should return. I notice that when I go back and forth about keeping something, that means I should return it! I think my problem is because I've been overhauling my closet, my need/want list is super long and I'm having a hard time not buying everything at once!

    xo Kimi

  2. I feel like I should start keeping track of my spending. I mostly thrift but with occasional splurges. But maybe it would make me more mindful of my money and what I actually need versus what Im buying just cause I want it if I did a monthly roundup.

  3. Argrgrh! I can't believe you scored the calf hair Martina's at that price! Did you get them in 9.5? If you don't like them will you promise to send them to me?!! 😉 Ps I think you did great this month!

  4. Wow, how did you get the Viv metallic flats for only $25? By the way, great scores this month!

  5. My shopping buddy Lindsey that I mentioned in item 10 has family near one of the J.Crew clearance stores and picked them up for me there.

  6. I promise! Yes they are a 9.5. Also they have that special mark through the inside like some other great J.Crew deals… I can't imagine paying $50 or even $25 for them. I would've melted. I'm going to try and wear them today. I know they're probably more of a fall/winter item but I'm bound and determined to make them work year round! They are such a classy looking shoe!

  7. When I first got married I was obsessed with thrifting. It just wasn't something that my family did. Growing up we were the go shopping two or four times a year for seasonal needs or special occasions. My husbands family is a lets shop all the time for fun at thrift shops and see what deals we can get. I bought a lot of things just because it was so cheap and name brand and I never wore it. I ended up spending near the same amounts I spend now too because of that. So yes, I highly recommend mindful spending.

  8. When bloggers tell me that dress didn't work for them I get so sad! I love it so much I have both versions of stripes! I feel the same way too. I was even back and forth about ordering something, and I should've just said no. It turned out I really didn't like it. Total case of buyers remorse. Thankfully most of my items sell on Poshmark. Can't wait to see your finals Kimi! I've got to get over to your blog!

  9. Ha yeah I see how thrifting can be a downward spiral of buying things you don't need. I always go into it with the mindset of oh I need a new basic black t, also I mostly look for vintage especially dresses. I feel like it keeps me mindful

  10. Those leopard wedges – what a steal!! I've become addicted to Poshmark lately! 🙂

  11. Poshmark IS addictive. Bundles, markdowns, sales. I've almost completely abandoned by eBay for Poshmark.

  12. I like your perspective. There is no need to beat yourself up if you go over – it's really keeping track of what you're spending that counts. That's what allows you to be flexible and change your budget if needed.

    Aaaaand you got that amazing Target dress! I really want it but I'm struggling since I know I won't be able to wear it for a while!

  13. Girl, your shoes are amazing! And I totally feel you on the budget stuff. It's good for setting a goal, but you shouldn't get too upset about going over IMHO.

    And GO COREY on scoring that Minnie bow bag for you!

  14. I really like the mint tank you got – mint is one of my favorite colors to wear!! 🙂 Your new Birks are adorable as well.

  15. i agree with not beating yourself up if you go over, there's really no point, we just try and be better next time, right? oh that target striped dress is taunting me, i must find it!