Budgeting Bloggers: February finals

So we’re two days into March, but I’m not going to let that stop me from starting to be accountable to my spending. I don’t spend a whole lot outside of what I make from Poshmark and eBay sales, but I have new goals that require me to focus on that spending and save that money. I’m joining the budgeting bloggers so that I am aware of how much I am spending and it will help me keep focused on my goals, which are: 1) Loose weight. I am a firm believer about being happy with your body and the image you put forth, but when your size is making you sick, it’s time for changes. I have plenty of clothes that fit this body. I need to work on a new body and buy clothes for that one when I get there. 2) Refine my style. Simply put. I know what I like, but not all of what I like fits together. I need to make less impulse purchases too. 3) Save more! I have friends that live in all kinds of amazing places and creative ambitions that I would like to further. My sales would help me visit my friends and accomplish other ambitions.

Here’s what I bought, how much I spent, and what my current balance is.

(from right to left, top to bottom)
1. J.Crew Rectangle Crystal Necklace: $30
2. J.Crew Rigby Hobo: $30
3. J.Crew Colorblock Stripe top: $12
5. J.Crew tipped wool peacoat: $40
6. J.Crew Cece flats: $40
7. J.Crew Polly polka dot popover: $26
9. Kate Spade highlighter stripe stevie: $30
10. Gap sexy boot jeans: $10
11. Gap long and lean trouser jean: $10
13. J.Crew No.2 Pencil skirt in herringbone: $12
14. J.Crew Piped Andie chino: $41
Total: $305- $262 in Poshmark and eBay sales= $43 out of pocket

I was really all over the place with my purchases. There are only maybe two or three purchases I don’t feel are totally justified. First the necklace. I didn’t NEED the necklace, but I’m trying to add some sparkle back into my outfits and some depth and layers that I’ve really strayed from. I’ve also already worn it five times this month alone. Second, that Kate Spade bag. I don’t buy bags that often. (Yet there are two up there.) This one was really impulsive too. It is in new condition and I thought it would look nice with the purple skirt for spring, but I don’t switch bags that often and need a more versatile color palette. We’ll see if it gets kept. Third, the polka dot polly popover. Did I need this? No. Have I wanted it since I first saw it? Yes. Have I worn it yet? No. Oh the woes of being in love with J.Crew.  
Otherwise, the purchases I made aren’t that far from things that fit or fill closet holes. The black tote is incredible and I’ve already used it a few weeks and it will be great for travel. The striped tee actually replaces it’s identical twin in my closet that I’ve worn to shreds. I did invest in more bottoms, which is where my closet is lacking, but I’m not sure I’m keeping the Piped Andie Chino. They were on my wish list and I thought I would love them, I don’t love the way they fit. Just not for a pear shaped gal.  It’s unfortunate because I’m looking for pants other than my beloved cafe capris. The peacoat was a great investment and amazing deal that will be put away for next year. I am still snatching up Cece flats like they’re discontinued because… well they have been. J.Crew has replaced that style. 
The majority of what makes up that out of pocket number is my Target purchases. Though only $24, I use my Target card and that comes out of my bank account, not my PayPal. The rest of the overage is that popover. 
Being a budgeting blogger will help me see what I’m buying and the direction I need to go with my wardrobe. My spending goal each month is going to be half of what I make in sales. I’m not the type that can quit completely. Can’t wait to see my improvements next month!

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  1. Love your purchases! I have got to list more on Poshmark! I had a few things up there but got discouraged when they didn't sell for a couple weeks. I sold them to a consignment store instead, but they don't pay much!

    Style Diary

  2. Yay! Love that you are doing this too. Not surprisingly I am envious of all of your purchases. I really want Ceces that fit and I need that J.Crew purse!!

  3. I did it last month, but never posted it because I was SO embarrassed about my over spending. Now I'm in it for the long haul. The purse is great. I've seen a few pop up on eBay, but not quite as deeply discounted as I got mine.

  4. Thanks! It is a lot of work though to make that much. Takes a lot of time. The necklace is amazing. The Posh seller I got it from has more too! I love it and get compliments on it all the time. Very versatile being clear and all. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and stopping by Anna Belle!

  5. Let me know your Poshmark username and I'll follow and share! It takes some time and effort, but with your taste and style, your items would get snatched up with just a little bit of work. I get great prices for my gently used items and I'm sure you would too!

  6. Hi Cheryl! Thanks. I hope I make progress on them next month! Poshmark is great once you get the hang of it. They take about the same percentage as eBay, but it's much easier to sell there and you can get more for your gently used items.

  7. Oooooo. Love the items you got Meghan! That peacoat is awesome, the black bag is timeless and so classic, and we both know I'm a huge fan of the colorblock cardi! Great items!

  8. That's so sweet of you! My username is stylediary. I don't have anything listed right now but I need to get on that this weekend!

  9. Thanks! You are one of my statement necklace inspirations! I've added the one up there and have one on the way as part of my March spendings.