Budgeting Bloggers:: August Finals

Budgeting Bloggers is a linkup hosted by Fran of Franish where you recap what you purchased and spent in the past month in an effort to curate a functional closet!

This year is flying by! I cannot believe this is my seventh budgeting bloggers post. I participated in spirit in January, so I don’t count it.

With every passing month, I see a color scheme getting stronger and stronger. I think that’s due in part to trying to work on mindful spending habits. Here’s what I added in August:

Budgeting Bloggers:: August
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1. Gauze Popover in red plaid:: $88, 40% off sale price, paid $35.99
2. Morningshine Tunic:: $98, purchased via poshmark closet @heatherjoshua, paid $18
3. Pencil Skirt in herringbone linen:: $98, 40% off sale price, paid $41.99
4. Linen beach cargo pant:: $89.50, 50% off sale price+15% off student, paid $25.49
5. Prima Jersey Tank in stripe:: $39.50, 25% off sale price+15% off student, paid $19.12
6. Tweed Front tee:: $75, purchased via poshmark closet @minnecita, paid $18
7. Summer Friday Dress in Stripe:: $110, 40% off sale price, paid $41.99 (worth every penny!)
8-10. Sleeveless pocket dress in navy, gray, and black:: $59.50, 50% off sale price+15% off student, $16.99 each
11. Sleeveless tunic dress in colorblock:: $110, purchased via poshmark closet @heatherjoshua, paid $18
12. Lace-trim drapey tank:: $48, 25% off sale price+15% off student, paid $25.49
13. Linen tank in anchors:: $39.50, 40% off sale price, paid $17.99
14. Phillip Lim for Target tote:: $55, purchased via poshmark closet @keepingupwmel, paid $45
15. Double arrows cuff:: $23, 40% off sale, paid $13.79
16. Martina canvas mini-wedge espadrilles:: $98, 40% off sale, paid $29.99
17. Stone frame necklace:: $49.50, 40% off sale, paid $26.70
18. Denim vest in patina wash:: $98, 40% off sale, paid $52.80
19. Keeper chambray in dark rinse:: $78, 50% off sale+15% off student, paid $16.99
20. Grecian dress:: $98, 40% off sale, paid $41.99 (also worth every penny! watch for popbacks!)
21. Merino tippi:: $79.50, 50% off sale+15% off student, paid $19.12
22. Denim jacket in ecru:: $128, 50% off sale+15% off student, paid $38.25

Total: $597.66-$727.90=$129.94 in the good
Total saved off retail prices: $759.84

At first, I was like yay I did really well! Then I found another receipt and then I was like oops… my bad. Though I ended in the good, I once again bought what I feel like was a lot with out getting full use out of each item I brought home. I haven’t actually purchased anything in August since the Madewell dress, and that was very early on in the month. I spent the month wearing what I bought and creating a capsule wardrobe for the remainder of summer temps and putting thought into my fall one. You see, I used my very last available hanger when I got that dress and the last bit of room on any shelf/bar/rack in my closet and I still didn’t wear half of it. And I knew I still had a large tupperware bin in the basement full of winter stuff plus a dresser full in the room. I hadn’t been doing as well as I wished with mindful spending evidently. There was more than enough and it wasn’t getting worn. Deciding to do a capsule wardrobe has been the best decision for helping me shed unwanted items and learn more about what I wear and get one step closer to building a fully functional wardrobe for myself. More on that this coming week.

I love everything I brought home, which is why it was hard to narrow down the focus and start a capsule, especially with my new found love for madewell dresses, tunics, and tops. I got some amazing poshmark deals too. The Phillip Lim is so gently used, I thought it was new! Now that I have one, I can totally understand why everyone clamored to get it! It really is a great bag! Besides the Madewell summer friday dress, the two stunners from left field were the denim vest and the white denim jacket. Both are nothing like pieces I have ever had or do have and they’ve proved to be star players in my closet. They were pricey (for my standards) additions, but were well worth what I spent, just like the madewell dress.

So I promise more of what I’ve been doing the past 15 days with a capsule wardrobe this week now that the Internet is back. How did you do this month?

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  1. OMG! I love, love, love that Madewell dress! I've been wanting it but every time there's a new promo, my size sells out (well, apparently one should size down in that dress, so the size smaller than I would normally take keeps selling out, lol). Then returns come back and the same thing happens. I think it's just not meant to be for me. I thought I did well this month too, but that was not the case. Sigh. Someday we'll get the hang of this! I'm interested to see how your capsule wardrobe-ing goes. (Have you been reading Unfancy?)

    xo Kimi

  2. Love it all. But do I now need this keeper chambray, the denim jacket, and or this necklace?? 🙂

  3. I'm a huuuge fan of the capsule wardrobe as well – starting tomorrow, I'll be doing the capsule wardrobe for work for the next three months. Every time I've done a remix challenge, it has helped me realize just how much fun it is to wear and re-wear clothing. It also has helped me immensely to feel like I don't need to spend any money in order to be excited about getting dressed. I am glad to be doing this challenge alongside you!!

  4. The necklace is the one that we both already have in the blue and brown variation. I just got in the coral version because I've noticed i wear a ton of coral and I've already worn it a few times. It's such a cute and simple one I decided to get another. I got an incredibly good deal on the keeper and I'm addicted to chambrays, so not really. Lol. But I do recommend the white denim jacket! I know it's just crazy hot in Florida though.

  5. That's awesome! I haven't completely committed to a lengthy capsule. I committed to this first capsule until I leave on vacation and then perhaps for a bit when I get back until it gets cooler and then I'll see if I commit to one again, or if I just commit to having a more minimal wardrobe.

  6. I have been reading Unfancy! As well as Into Mind. I started reading into mind first. She has amazing resources for really getting down to business in your closet and I love it all! Unfancy also has that great workbook I've been trying to use.
    FYI I didn't size down in the dress and it still fits amazingly, but I'm in-between sizes truthfully.