Budgeting Bloggers: April Finals

First, I thought I was terrible terrible terrible this month. Terrible at keeping up with what I was spending and terrible at making money and terrible at meeting my goals, but after adding it up, I didn’t do nearly as bad as I thought I did. I went over. No getting around that, but I was excited to see that this exercise is really working! January I went over and did so badly, I didn’t even share, but I counted it as participating. This is my fourth month in and I can see that my habits are changing, which is one of the goals of participating in budgeting bloggers. Here’s what I brought home:

(left to right, top to bottom)
Gap Slim Cropped Striped Pants: Orig $54.95, marked down to $29.99, 40% off, paid $17.99
J.Crew Stripe Knit Shift Dress: Orig $98, marked down to $79.99, 40% off, 15% off student discount, paid $40.79
DV by Dolce Vita Sury oxford: Orig $80, snagged them at TJX for $20
Old Navy Pink rope stripe crewneck sweater: Orig 29.94, marked down, paid $7.49
Old Navy Printed Slub Knit Tee: Orig $12.94, on sale, paid $5

Gap Stripe Border Scarf – new coral (similar): Orig $24.95, marked down to $4.97, 40% off, paid $2.98

Merona ultimate vneck cardigan bicycles:Orig $22.99, marked down to $13.98, used coupon, paid $11.48
Merona ultimate vneck cardigan hot air balloons: Orig $22.99, marked down to $13.98, used coupon, paid $11.48
J.Crew Resin Tulip Necklace: Orig $49.95, marked down $29.99, 40% off, 15% off student, paid $15.29
Old Navy embellished eyelet sweatshirt: Orig $34.95, marked down to $15, extra percent off, paid $8.50 (dead ringer for this)
Gap luxlight cardigan: Orig $44.95, marked down to $14.99, 10% off Tuesday at Gap, paid $12.74

Total: $133.74-$96 eBay/posh-$8 carry over= $30 OVER BUDGET
Total saved off retail prices: $342.84
Even though I went over, I still love seeing such a big saved number. Just makes my day! I am planning on starting May in the hole $30. I think that’s only fair. I’ve also already spent some money for May, so I’m starting WAY in the hole essentially. It’s going to take quite a bit of self control to remind myself that I have a hole to work out of and the money I earn this month is already spent. I think that was part of the issue in April. I went shopping very early on in the month before I had made any money. I’m determined to make it work this month and reach my goal of only spending half of what I make.
As far as reaching my other goals are concerned, I gained back the 5 pounds I lost last month, but I’m not disappointed about it because I have been exercising consistently for the past week and a half and feel better overall. I’m hoping what came back came back in the form of muscle that I can maintain. This month we have a trip to Disney planned and I always come home lighter from a Disney trip, even with all the indulging. I walk so much more than normal. Each day I walk close to 10 miles at Disney. Also many of their food items are already gluten/nut free and not nearly as bad for you as you may perceive theme park food to be, so this will be a good month to continue getting healthier. 
Concerning refining my style, I think the color scheme of my purchases this past month alone should be evidence towards the fact that that goal is being met. I didn’t fill any of my wardrobe holes this month. Got close with the gingham shirt, but it ended up being a non-keeper. SO let’s go ahead and talk about my favorite items from this month and why others went back.

My favorite keepers:
Though I love everything I kept this month and have already worn EVERY SINGLE ITEM (that’s a really big deal for me) (except the dress–that’s being saved for a special occasion), those DV by Dolce Vita oxfords are probably my favorite shoe right now. I’ve worn them SO much. They’re so comfortable and cute. I’m so excited to have finally found a pair of oxfords I like that aren’t overly manly looking. The suede and perforations add a more feminine touch to an otherwise masculine style. Next and an equally amazing find: a new pair of cropped pants that I love. The Gap slim cropped pants are my new favorite cropped pants. Perfect amount of stretch, higher waist. The stripes on the pair I purchased are flattering. It’s kinda upsetting that I missed out on the extra percent off sale on these because I had already gone over budget. I highly recommend these if you’re in the market for business pants. Third favorite item is that necklace. After Lindsey Instagrammed her find, I was trying to find it too and couldn’t find anything online. Giving up hope, I happened upon it at the J.Crew at Lenox Square. At $15, it was well spent money on my monthly statement necklace investment. I didn’t track my outfits well this past month, but I found it early on and wore it at least 3 times a week this past month. It’s price per wear must be less than a dollar at this point. The colors are great for my wardrobe and the shapes are different than most statement necklaces I’ve seen.

For some reason, I thought I returned a lot more than just these two items. First, the Gap Fitted Boyfriend gingham shirt. I have decided that I do not like Gap’s button up fitted shirts. They pull way too much across the chest area. That’s a definite no go. Second, I really wanted the Old Navy Chunky Slub Knit Sweater to work after seeing it on The Steele Maiden and Ginny via IG, I really wanted this sweater and at $8, I thought it was going to be the perfect spring sweater. To my dismay, I got it in the mail and the holes were just a little too far apart for my tastes. I love the way it looks on both of them, but there’s no way I can layer a sweater in the heat that is a Georgia summer.

I feel like these posts are getting longer and longer. Before I sign off, here’s the continuation of my Statement Necklace a Day challenge to myself. You can tell when the weather was cooler this past month.

Can’t wait to see how everyone did this month! Make sure you check out Fran’s Budgeting Bloggers link up.

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  1. First off, I love your statement necklaces. Secondly, as always I would wear everything you bought. I wish we were neighbors with the exact same size so I could be an enabler who steals all your stuff. 🙂

    xoxo from Disney, I'll definitely write a Memory Maker review for you!

  2. I love that bicycle cardigan! It's so cute! Also, love the collection of necklaces you have going on. Have a great rest of the week!

    Life & Leopard

  3. Ooh, what a great mix of pieces, Meghan! I, too, spent more than usual this month, but since I've been interviewing for jobs, presenting at conferences, and am graduating, I've needed to add some new pieces to my wardrobe on account of the weight gain as of late. I think it totally helps when you feel like you LOVE all the pieces, too! I love those striped pants and both of your Target cardigans 🙂

  4. I LOVE those cardigans! I've had my eye on them for a while. And those oxfords are adorable.

  5. wow, great pieces! i love the striped dress and bike cardi! i love your statement necklace challenge – fabulous idea!

  6. Wow – you got an amazing deal of the eyelet Old Navy sweater! I was really tempted by it, but chose a different blue sweatshirt from them (and really, I suppose I only need so many blue sweatshirts?…)

  7. Haha! I cannot resist the blue sweatshirts! Most of my wardrobe is blue. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  8. I'm probably going to dedicate a post to it instead of lumping it into budgeting bloggers. I hope you love the gap pants too! I am really liking them.

  9. Thanks Kristen! I appreciate you stopping by! I'm thinking of dedicating a whole post to my challenge and seeing if anyone else wants to join in.

  10. I'm loving that statement necklace challenge! You've come up with some really great combos. I really like those cropped pants and oxfords! Maybe I should stop wearing heels and give my feet a rest in some cute oxfords like those. I'm also happy to report I've had a few Poshmark sales in the past few months, thanks to your encouragement! That's been great for my budget 🙂

    Katie | Style Diary