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Kale chips may be all the rage right now, but it’s for good reason. They’re delicious, healthy (depending on what you coat them in), and easy to make. Easy in theory means they can also be difficult to get right. Mine either come out undercooked or little burnt cripsies most of the time. So I decided to try some of the most popular pins on Pinterest and see if I couldn’t improve my kale chip game.
best kale chip recipes from pinterest ::

Overall, I found that all three of these pins speak words of truth when it comes to throughly coating in oil, watching them carefully, and making sure they’re completely dry. I’ve botched many a batch of kale chips because they were too wet still. Also I used curly kale for all three because of two reasons:: dinosaur kale is hard to find; when you do, it’s much more expensive. I wanted to show that you can still get good results from these kale chip recipes using curly kale.

best kale chip recipes from pinterest :: www.hayesdays.comHow To Make Crispy Kale Chips {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #vegan

First, my favorite recipe out of the top three pins I tried. (Click on the picture for the link.) This was the only recipe that recommended using parchment paper, and I think that made a difference. Maybe just a few more minutes in the oven would’ve made them perfect!

best kale chip recipes from pinterest :: www.hayesdays.comasian kale chips

Second, though the graphic is my favorite, this recipe came with my least favorite tips. I skipped all the seasoning on these Though the cooking temperature was higher and the cooking time was less, which would make sense, these came out soggy. So if you like your kale chips less crunchy, this recipe is perfect. They would’ve made a great warm salad though, especially if you added the Asian flavors.

best kale chip recipes from pinterest ::

This third pin was less of a recipe and more like tips. I will mention that at 400°, 20 minutes would’ve been far too long. I would’ve had burnt crumblies on the pan and nothing edible at that point.

If you’re a kale chip beginner, start with the first pin and then branch into the next two with tips, recommendations, and seasonings. Do you like kale chips? What tips do you have for making great ones?

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  1. I like kale salads a lot. Smoothies a little. And I haven't tried chips yet. But I'm sure I'd like them.

  2. I love kale! We usually eat it in place of lettuce in salads. I did try Kale chips once and the texture was awesome but I used WAY too much salt. I am so afraid of doing that again that I haven't given them another shot!

  3. That's not that hard to do. I've used too much salt several times. To me, kale already has a little bit of a salty taste. I've gotten to where I measure out the salt, but nothing else and then coat all the pieces in a bowl so that it's more even and the salt doesn't clump in places.

  4. Kale chips are my favorite! I used to have a bunny and my Mom would always buy a ton of kale to feed to him and I'd always steal some to make kale chips. They're great to eat while watching a movie instead of popcorn. I always put salt, pepper, and a little bit of Nature's Seasoning from Publix on it. Kale smoothies are good too!

  5. It should come as no surprise, that I love making my own Kale chips! I massage them with olive oil and then sprinkle them with a chili powder spice blend and bake for 20 minutes (or more) at 400 flipping them once and that's it. Yum! 🙂 I swear we were meant to live in the same town so we could be bff's and bake kale chips and drink pumpkin spice lattes while wearing J.crew and discussing Beowulf and Gatsby!

  6. I'm definitely a Kale Chip beginner and thanks for the tips. I'll start with the top and go from there!


  7. It is like you read my mind! My husband made kale for the first time this past week. He found a recipe where you cook them more like turnip greens with onion and chicken broth. It was really good, but now I am wanting to try kale chips (and other kale recipes). Can't wait to try these!