5 Unexpected Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe

When I started trying a capsule wardrobe in August, I was ready to reap the financial benefits. Since working with a capsule for the past several months, I have experienced more than just financial benefits.

5 unexpected benefits of a capsule wardrobe :: www.hayesdays.com

1. Less Laundry:: less ironing, less folding, less putting away. Don’t all of those things sound great? If you only have 40 or 50 pieces, you have to do laundry on a regular basis or else you just don’t have anything to wear.
2. Easier Morning Dressing Routine:: being in a capsule doesn’t make it easier to put on clothes, but it does make it easier to pick something out. I don’t miss the mornings where I would stand in my closet and have no idea what to wear despite barely being able to pull things out my closet because it was so packed.
3. More creative outfits:: when you’re working with the same items, you are forced to be more creative with those items or else you wear the same outfit over and over.  
4. Utilizing Accessories:: this goes along with being more creative. I don’t know about you, but when I was bringing in tons of new pieces, I paired the same accessories with those new pieces. Now that I’m working with the same items for a few months at a time, I’m wearing more of my necklaces and scarves. I feel like I’m putting more finishing touches on my outfits too.
5. Better Shopping Sense:: previously, I felt like I would aimlessly buy things that I wanted and maybe wasn’t in love with. Now that I wear the same items on a more regular basis, I better be in love with them since I can’t just switch what I’m wearing all the time now. I also feel like I’m buying better quality because I’m not spreading my shopping funds so thinly. My closet seems to have a good focus now.

I plan on continuing in some sort of capsule wardrobe way for the foreseeable future. Mostly my reasons are financial, but these five reasons above are icing on the cake! Which reason would be most appealing to you?

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  1. I actually LOVE having less options. As counter-intuitive as it is, I think it is more freeing to have less stuff to work with. My husband read some study or article that people were more stressed out when they had more choices, and I definitely feel that for myself!

  2. It's as if I'm in a time capsule myself this winter…because I feel like I'm wearing the same flannel pieces over and over again. 🙂 I just don't look as cute as you do on a regular basis.

  3. I think the smarter shopping is one of the biggest things I got from my capsule. I did shop more than I intended to, but I'm definitely happy with those pieces, and I thought more about how they fit into my existing wardrobe, unlike before when I just grabbed whatever that happened to catch my eyes. Looking forward to your new capsules!

  4. I am becoming more and more interested in doing a capsule wardrobe. I love variety, but I also love creativity.

  5. Great recap! What I really wanted when I was going into the whole capsule experiment in the fall was #2, and I was pretty pleased with how I really did feel like I always had something to wear – all the pre-planning really helped that, plus it seems counter-intuitive, but having fewer things really does make you feel like you have more to wear because you're not overwhelmed by too much choice. I was hoping for some of #5 too, and I have done a bit better with focusing on quality items in my wardrobe (vs. before, when I always said I should do that but then ended up at Target or the clearance sections anyway). Pretty pleased with how that's worked out too!

  6. All of the above! I have loved so many aspects of having less! However taking my cues from Caroline on un-fancy hasn't necessarily helped me when funding the winter wardrobe I still feel as though I over spent! Are you going to do the same for winter? What are you changing? Jess X

  7. Jess thanks so much for commenting! And for following me on IG too. Having less is such a weight lifted off me. I usually fund my new pieces by selling old ones, so the funding is kind of weird too. That's been a funny part to me. I've purchased some new pieces because I felt like I needed a jolt. Too much color similarity. I hope to have everything by the end of this week.

  8. It's so true. Not being overwhelmed in the mornings has made getting dressed much easier. That may be one of my favorite parts about being in a capsule wardrobe and one of the reasons I'm going to continue to do so. As for #5 I still need to spend less, but to wear my pieces so often, they're really lasting (aside from my Old Navy jeans– but I didn't expect that much from them.)

  9. I think you can have both in a capsule wardrobe. It takes some time to build one that you can get both in.

  10. Exactly. anything I brought home i thought quite a bit about how it would work with what I was already wearing.